10 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Sales

1. Know your numbers, offerings, and audience

If you watch Shark Tank you know how important your numbers are! How much are you bringing in, how much are you spending, how much are you paying yourself? Are these the numbers you want them to be? Why or why not? Either hire someone to do this for you or you do yourself but no more putting this off! It is equally important to know your offerings and audience. Some times we could be trying to sell something that no one wants or we aren't talking to the right people. So if you aren't reaching the sales goals you want to be and know you are giving it your all, I encourage you to ask for feedback from some people and then test out some new strategies. You know the definition of insanity so don't do it! Some times we have the right audience and the wrong offerings or vice versa. Be honest with yourself! And as a fellow entrepreneur said to me, the market is always right so give them what they want!

2. Thank people that have supported you

It is so important to thank people that currently work with you and that have in the past. You would be surprised how far a handwritten note, email, voicemail, or a small gift really anything can go! Plus it is just good business.

3. Find an entrepreneur you love and collaborate

Collaborating with another entrepreneur is one of the fastest ways to boost your sales because you are splitting the work and the profits. Plus double the audience. Both expenses and profits should be split 50/50 no matter what. Plan an event, workshop, online academy, retreat, anything that makes sense for both of your audiences and then take action!

4. Follow up with past leads

Literally set a date in your calendar every week with 20 alarms on your phone to follow up with anyone that has been interested in your products or services. We are moving so fast and too often forget to do this. NO MORE! My favorite way to follow up with people is to provide them more value for free. This could be a quote that reminded you of them, some tips or ideas for their business and so much more! Show them your value!

5. Make a list of 20 DREAM clients/customers and invite them to work with you

Can you imagine if 20 of your DREAM clients/customers said YES!? Heck even if 10 said yes, wow! So why aren't you inviting the most amazing people to your party? Do it scared! The worse they can do is say no or not right now. They will be flattered that you thought of them and you will live! You of course want to already have an established relationship with them before asking. Cold calling rarely works!

6. Host a virtual or in person workshop

People love events and trainings! So why not host one of your own? Pick a topic you know you could teach on, pick a date, pick a price and start personally inviting people you know could benefit from it. It is great to have a goal attendance number so you can track your progress and celebrate. Once you find a winning workshop keep offering that once a month or quarter so you always have something to invite people to.

7. Review past social media posts and see what got the most engagement and do more of that

Too often we are trying to reinvent the wheel or think of the next big idea. We spend too much time thinking instead of doing. Am I right!? Take an hour or hire someone to go back through your past social media posts and see what people are liking, commenting and also think about HOW you are converting people. Is it on the phone, in person, in DM's, on Facebook live, events, emails? If we know what content people are eating up and how we are converting and we do MORE of it, this is when the magic happens and sales become super FUN.

8. Do 5 Facebook lives that have a ton of value

Social media is moving more and more to video, now is the time to get comfortable on video. Don't roll your eyes at me! Don't you want more sales? We've got to serve and support people with wanting nothing in return first. Your business has nothing to do with you and everything to do with other people. So we've gotta be interested in them. Like no faking it! You truly care! Brainstorm 5 tips you could talk about on video and for the next 5 days do the videos one by one! Have fun with them and don't worry about being perfect. Our goal is for them to hear our voice, hear something that makes their life better and remember us for the future. Don't be a one hit wonder! Keep going! Consistency builds trust.

9. Set a sales goal for the next month

If we do not have a target we are just running in circles and don't know if we are really reaching our goals or not. I want you to write down on a piece of paper a number that would be so amazing if you could hit it in one month. I then want you to write down all the ways you could hit that number. I then want you to write down when you are making the time to take action. Put that dollar amount everywhere you go, on your laptop, on your bathroom mirror, in your wallet, in your car-everywhere! Pretend it is already in your bank account. Serve others like you have never served them before. Show up the way you have never shown up before. Invite like you have never invited before. Be the person that earns what you put on that paper and then do whatever it takes to become her.

10. Track your progress daily & weekly

People say and write down goals all the time and then what happens? Life gets in the way, someone tells you no, you get sick, it gets hard, you get tired and go back to being just ok in your business. Did you know even in the recession some businesses continued to thrive? Did you know there are other entrepreneurs out there that have less time then you and are making it count? Did you know there are entrepreneurs out there with less money than you and reaching their sales goals? With the right products and services, the right audience and the passion to do whatever it takes you truly have UNLIMITED earning potential. WOW, what a gift! This last tip is probably the most important because it is the hardest to achieve but the most powerful. When income related activities are your top focus every day, you are able to track your progress and course correct so much faster than the entrepreneur that doesn't know their numbers until tax season and is just winging it. Don't get me wrong, it is still messy and beautiful, but you have a plan and you are tracking your progress in real time. At the end of a week, you have enough data to see what is working and what is not working and can adjust for the following week. So by the end of the month, you are NOT the entrepreneur scrambling on the last day to hit your sales goal. No one likes her so don't be her. You are better than that!

SPOILER ALERT: I have an amazinggggggg sales tracker and group coaching experience that could support you!

Note: You most likely knew all of these tips, or at least some, but are you consistently implementing them? Which one do you need to focus on the most? You've just gotta take consistent action to see results. And never give up!





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