I Feel Like An Imposter

Imposter syndrome is a real BITCH! ...Am I right?

Some thoughts have creeped in my head recently as I have fully been stepping into sales coaching and loving it.

"Who the hell am I to support other entrepreneurs with their sales."

"I haven't hit 7 figures in this new business..yet. So why would anyone want to listen and learn from me?"

"Being good at sales is awesome but can you really teach other people to do the same for their business?"

Can you relate for your business and expertise?

Why do we doubt ourselves SO MUCH but yet see so much good in others 24/7?

The reality is that self doubt and imposter syndrome will try to creep in, especially when we have big goals it will try to STOP US!

But we cannot let it win.

We have come too far to let some negative thoughts win.

They are not our truth.

So I don't want to leave you hanging, this is what I keep doing when the self doubt creeps in...

  1. I think of my mantra that keeps going and say it out loud until the self doubt fades.

  2. And if that doesn't work I think of all my business wins and people I have impacted throughout the years.

  3. I remind myself that I just have to be at least 10% ahead of who I am helping to make a powerful impact for them.

Why should you listen to me to help you with your sales???

  1. I have over 14 years of experience in sales totaling to over 3 million dollars and started with zero money, zero network, zero clue what I was doing and also was 16 years old when I started.

  2. I am obsessed with learning and testing sales strategies so you don't have to.

  3. I truly care about seeing you get results by making money doing what you love.

P.S.-Grab your Sales Queen Playbook today!


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