Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2021

Have you ever thought about how much 💲 you are leaving on the table!? 

A quick way to figure this out is figure out how much you want your business to bring in annually then subtract it from what you made last calendar year and BOOM that is how much you are leaving on the table PER YEAR! 

The solution...


AKA get people out of the damn friend zone. 

You have a business to run, lives to change and money on the table. 

Here are some ideas for you: 

  1. Go live every day on a social platform For 30 days
  2. Build relationships with 1,000+ people (That’s 34 people a day)
    1. You can go to your friends list for this and say hello to people and ask them an engaging question
    2. Then love on their social media by commenting
    3. Find new friends in Facebook groups or your group and get to know them better
    4. Then love on their social media by commenting
    5. Find new people searching hashtags on Instagram
    6. Follow them and engage on their social media by commenting
    7. Make sure you track all these names
  3. Create/Pick one juicy offer you know your dream client would LOVEEEEEEE
  4. Host a free 3-5 day challenge you know your dream client would love and invite all 1000 people to it
    1. Host this challenge in a private Facebook group so you can build even deeper relationships
    2. Giveaway prizes during the challenge
    3. Shout people out that are crushing the challenge
    4. Make an event in the private FB group with what time you are going live with the special announcement aka the special offer
    5. Build up excitement for the announcement coming with a countdown
    6. Crush the pitch of the special offer
    7. Shout people out signing up
  5. Pitch your offer on the last day and have a fast acting bonus for the first 24 hours
  6. Follow up with all 1,000 people so they 100% know about the special offer
  7. Review and Repeat Again

Your Biggest Cheerleader, 




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