21 Unusual Time Hacks

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2021

Happy New Year Queen!

I hope your year is off to a banging start! 

People tell me all the time "how do you get so much done" so I put together some of my secrets below for you.

Here is the funny part, most of them you may know, but knowing and doing are two completely different things.

Browse the time hacks and then pick some to implement next week is your business. 

And remember, you don't get a gold medal for doing all the things yourself and making it hard to make money.

We often complain that we do not have enough time but what are we doing to create more time!? 

Time Hacks: 

1. Plan in advance with your tasks, appointments, clothes, food (pay for Instacart or a meal prep service), any errands , etc 

2. Hire a house cleaner 

3. Delegate recurring tasks that you hate or shouldn't be doing to a virtual assistant 

4. Automate your billing through PayPal 

5. Double dip on activities like driving, doing dishes, laundry, kids bath time and add something additional during that time like listening to personal development or taking a phone call 

6. Automate your sales process with support, tracking sheets, sales pages and pdfs, ads, etc 

7. Put all of your tasks and your team into a task management tool like Asana 

8. Do more group interactions than one on one 

9. Bulk create your content or have someone do it and then repurpose all your content so you don't just use it once 

10. Collaborate with other business owners, two brains are better than one 

11. Have a set time every week day you are going to work on your business, I call this CEO time 

12. Schedule emails in advance 

13. Put your bills on auto payment 

14. Use Google forms to collect information easily 

15. Video is your best friend to reach more people quicker 

16. Use Loom for training videos for your team instead of doing a call with them to constantly show them new things 

17. Buy anything useful on subscription like new clothes, toilet paper, supplies, etc 

18. Put Rescue Time on your computer and it will track where your screen time is going for free and send you an automated weekly report 

19. Let your community generate content for you by taking over your page and giving value 

20. Get feedback from your coach, community, significant other, business friend so you can go faster (don't take things personally) 

21. Buy courses and templates that are going to fill in the gaps of knowledge or make things easier for you 


Your Biggest Cheerleader, 


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