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Nellie Corriveau is the self-proclaimed Sales Queen that is passionate about helping busy entrepreneurs with big dreams reach their sales goals. With her first taste of sales in the nonprofit world, Nellie started and successfully raised over 3 Million Dollars for Nellie's Champions for Kids (NC4K) that she founded at the young age of 16 years old. She has since transitioned out of her Executive Director role and shifted into business coaching where she translates her unique sales ability into coaching other entrepreneurs on how to actually make money doing what they love by mastering their sales skills with focused strategies and rock-solid accountability. She has directly helped over 100 business owners through one-on-one coaching, online group coaching, events and mastermind groups over the past couple of years. She is also the co-host of Queen Con, a two-day conference focused on being a resource for both online-businesses and brick & mortar companies.


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Meet Crissy...

She used to be terrified of being on to the point she was break out in hives. But she knew in order to take her business to the next level she had to face it head on. In July she did over 100 live videos to explode her visibility. She hosts free video challenges for other online business owners, has a course to plan out all your content and is a beast at all thing graphic design and Facebook ads. Oh and she happens to be my business bestie too. 


Meet Colton...

He was a pharmacist by day and a ballroom teacher by night. That all changed when the pandemic hit and he was challenged to reinvent his entire business. After getting creative and taking his talents online he has built a community of clients all around the world AND no longer need to work pharmacy full time.  


I want to know your big dreams!

Nothing brings me more joy than knowing all your big goals and dreams!

Meet Brittany...

I will never forget when sitting at one of my retreats Brittany beaming with excitement to start her decluttering business. She has helped hundreds of busy moms simplify their lives so they and live more. She has some exciting offers in the works. Keep an eye on this one. 

Meet Michelle...

This creative soul has a way of breaking down what's holding you back from your big dreams in such a gentle way. Anything from writing your book, putting together your opt-in, putting together your offer, or slaying your Facebook community to help you be the rockstar that you are. 


Meet Angie...

After failing multiple network marketing companies she gave one more one last hail mary and man oh man did she hit the holy grail. This woman has a heart of gold and wants to see everyone around her succeed. 

Meet Alexis...

This beauty had an idea to start an accessory business and month after month her sales keep climbing. All of her work is high quality, hand crafted and made with so much love. I've never met someone that get's her to do list done faster either. 


Cheers To Boosting Your Sales!

Meet Jana...

This momma of three does so much for her family, team and community. I wonder some days if she doesn't sleep. She is building an online business that will change the financial industry forever.


Meet Stacey...

This badass can decorate like nobody's business. She not only slays selling your home but going to look good doing it. She packaging up all her home staging knowledge with some stellar courses that are off the hook. 

Meet Krista...

Talk about a success story, Krista is a business building machine all while keep a heart centered approach. She is all about making women feel beautiful and confident. 


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